“As an NBA trainer, I can honestly say Coach Daniel has a unique ability to explain basketball concepts in an easy to understand way. He brings this gift to the Smarter Basketball Player System. Any serious player or even coach looking to improve will find invaluable information here.” – NBA Trainer Noah LaRoche

Noah training NBA superstar Paul George
Have you ever thought to yourself…​

“How can I make the team?”

“Why don’t I get more playing time?”

“How can I get college coaches to recruit me and offer me a scholarship?”

“What can I do to become a better player?”

If you’ve thought about any of these questions in the last few months, than you’re my kind of player.

You’re eager to get better and prove people wrong. Chances are, you spend a lot of time playing hoops –indoors or outdoors.

Hopefully, you’re working on your game. Getting shots up, practicing your ball handling, and playing in competitive games. 

But if I had to guess, you’re not working on increasing your basketball IQ. This my friend, is a costly mistake.

How smart of a player you are is extremely important. Just as important as any skill you’ll spend hours in the gym perfecting. Most players just don’t realize it.

But coaches do. Coaches seek out players who do the little things on the court to help win games. Things like making the right pass and being in the right position defensively. 

Don’t worry…it’s not too late to become a much smarter player. You just need a shortcut.

And today’s the day you GET that shortcut. 

The Smarter Basketball System is that shortcut. It contains 16 essential tactics used by intelligent players, and shows you step by step how to add these tactics into your game the next time you play. I write about the concepts in a conversational style, and help explain each tactic with detailed diagrams and video breakdowns.

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What You Receive in Smarter Basketball Player Program​

Become a dynamic passer and a more efficient finisher at the basket to take your off the dribble game to the next level.

Learn essential defensive fundamentals to always be in the right spot defensively so you can shut down your opponent and impress coaches.

Continue to improve your defense by learning high-level secrets NBA teams demand of their players.

Master effective cuts and learn the art of finding open space for 3-pointers to add 3-6 points to your scoring average.

Become a dynamic passer and a more efficient finisher at the basket to take your off the dribble game to the next level.

The 5 packages include a total of 16 comprehensive lessons each analyzing a different tactic to help improve your game. Each lesson contains a detailed breakdown with instructive diagrams and video analysis.

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Hi, my full name is Daniel Kawashima, better known on YouTube as “Coach Daniel”.  My channel is fittingly titled “Coach Daniel” and has gained over 128,000 subscribers and over 20 million views. It’s my mission on the channel to analyze basketball in a detailed but easy to understand way so everyone can enjoy the deeper nuances of the game. I wanted to take things a step further, so I created this system to specifically help high school and college players achieve their goals.

I learned the game through my own playing experience, intense film study, and by watching elite coaches such as Noah LaRoche instruct high level players. 

Meet Coach Daniel

60-Day Full Money Back Guarantee

It’s an easy choice. The Smarter Basketball Player System works. To prove how confident I am — you will receive a 100% refund if in 60 days you feel the program didn’t deliver on the promises made on this page. No questions asked. All you would have to do is send me an email for your money back. There is absolutely no risk involved for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need assistance?
Once you’re inside the system, you will have access to my “Coach Daniel” email which I check hourly when I’m not asleep. I will be thorough in my responses to any questions you may have.

Is this more suitable for Guards, or can be applied to Forwards / Centers? 
It’s for both guards and bigs, though there is a slighty more content for guards and perimeter players.

Will this help me, even if my team sucks? 
Yes, definitely. Being smart player is crucial no matter your team’s talent level. Plus you being smart should rub off a bit of the weaker players.

But I thought IQ is developed by playing in a team setting? 
I agree. Which is what this program/course is about. It shows you how to train the concepts into habits in 5-on-5 action.

What if I already receive instruction from my skills trainer?
This system is NOT about basic skills or moves a trainer would show you. We go deeper into more advanced areas that make you a winning player.

What if I am on a team with a good coach?
The lessons inside the system will still mostly be new tactics and tips. There may be some overlap in concepts, in which case the analysis will further improve your already existing knowledge on the subject.

What if I’m not a player, will I still get value from this?
Absolutely. Coaches, trainers, and dedicated fans will also increase their basketball IQ with this system, and they can use the information to teach others.

What if I’m currently not playing on a team?
No problem! Even if you can’t practice these tactics in real games or scrimmages, you will see just as much progress by implementing them in pick-up games and open gym runs.

Can I go at my own pace?
Yes. Whether you play every day or once a week, you can add these tactics to suit your speed.

Is “The Smarter Basketball Player System” an online program with instant access?
Yes you will be given instant, lifetime access immediately.

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ONLY $54 $27
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