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First off, congratulations! You took action, and took the first step in becoming a better basketball player by getting the Smarter Basketball Player System. 

After the introduction, you’ll see 16 lessons that contain lots of valuable information that you can apply every game to be a smarter player and increase your basketball IQ.

BUT, the information is useless if you don’t apply it in the the right way. If you read this all in one sitting, you’ll learn a lot, but you won’t be in position to use what you’ve read the next time you play. It will be an information overload.

I highly advise you to read 1 or 2 lessons at once, and then focus on using the tactics inside the lessons the next few times you play 5 on 5 full court. After each day you finish playing, reflect on your use of the tactics. Take notes on how you executed them in your game, and then hold yourself accountable to improve the next time you play. It would be helpful to re-read the lessons after playing as well.

To help you track your progress, I’ve created a “Notebook” PDF that you can download and print. With this you can take notes and track your progress after each time you play. The PDF link is at the end of the introduction.

After you feel you’ve made significant progress on practicing the 1 or 2 lessons to begin making them habits, then you can read 1 or 2 more lessons to work on. Continue to make progress on the lessons 1 or 2 at a time until you complete all 16 lessons.

If you play 5 on 5 a lot, say 4 or 5 times a week — you’ll be able to apply all of these tactics in 30-45 days. You’ll be able to focus on a few key areas each time you play, and they’ll eventually become habits. You’ll be comfortable with most of the 16 lessons after 45 days…and as you continue to play in the following months the habits will continue to become stronger.

Now 4 or 5 times a week is a lot. Playing that often is not required. If you play competitively less often, you can just go at a slower pace in terms of consuming the lessons.

Especially if you’re in season right now, you may not be playing a ton of open gym or pickup. You can instead look to test out these tactics (which are inside the lessons) in team practices before you do so in real games. In practice you can test out the tactics in half court drills or scrimmages — not just in 5 on 5 full court. 

I have grouped the lessons into sections for simplicity, and I advise you go in order. The defensive lessons are first for reason, as they’re not super complex.

Especially for the younger players reading, a lot of this stuff may seem like foreign language at times.

That’s why I included detailed diagrams and videos to help the learning process. Still, the concepts I talk about may go over some people’s head.

So, if you ever have any questions or comments at all. Hit me up at I’d be happy to hear from you.

Just a few other notes before you get started

  • I explain most of these concepts in the framework of man defense. But almost all of these concepts also apply to zone defense as well.
  • These concepts increase in importance when you play higher competition. Vs. mediocre competition, getting in good defensive position or making the right passes simply doesn’t matter as much. Your opposition won’t exploit your mistakes. BUT against the good teams — or at the next level — it matters much more. So even when you play weak competition look to implement these tactics and tips so they become habits.
  • Go ahead and bookmark this page for easy access. If at some point you are on this page and do not have access, visit this link to be brought to the log in page.
  • Here is the PDF you can take notes on to track your progress

That’s it, you’ll be a smarter basketball player in no time. You got this.


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